Wound infection post melanoma resection

Sermo prides itself on being the #1 social network for doctors and being the place where doctors from all around the world can post their most difficult patient cases and get help from thousands of other doctors.

However, sometimes doctors ask for help for their own family members, such as this US physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

My mom had a melanoma resected by a Mohs trained dermatologist 2 weeks ago. Resected x3 over 3 days to get clear margin. Did a skin graft and closure. By one week foul smelling d/c, one week on doxy without improvement, now switched to Bactrim. She is afebrile and otherwise clinically fine. Derm does not believe it needs debridement and doesn’t believe in debridement as it would then take months to heal by secondary intention.

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