The first global doctor-to-doctor drug ratings tool

Sermo Drug Ratings

52% of doctors polled feel they do not have all the information they would want about a drug before prescribing.

91% think that pharmaceutical marketing ‘spins’ – misrepresents, omits, or otherwise adjusts – information about drugs to show them in a more positive light at lease some of the time.

Imagine if there was a place doctors could go to rate drugs on their efficacy, safety, tolerability, accessibility, and adherence… Look no further, now there is Sermo Drug Ratings!

Drug Ratings is the first and only global peer-to-peer drug review system that’s for doctors, by doctors.  It already has more than a quarter million ratings and 20,000 comments, and thousands more are added every day.

A deeper look

When it comes to drugs, official clinical trial data and product monographs are one half of the story; commentary and reviews are the other half. Combined with official sources of information, Sermo Drug Ratings offers a more holistic and deeper way to evaluate drugs, and can help doctors make more informed prescribing decisions. We want to make it as easy as possible for doctors to navigate and find the right drugs for their patients.

When Sermo members read reviews of drugs they know that the information was sourced exclusively from the most relevant audience it could be – their own.

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