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Doctors say we need to keep wearing masks even after vaccine

As coronavirus vaccines are being administered around the globe, many are wondering when—or if—life can go back to normal. Scientists at Columbia University just released a new model that shows millions of people will continue to be infected, regardless of the vaccine, unless we continue to social distance and wear masks.

In a poll of 700+ global Sermo physicians, 88% said people need to continue social distancing and mask-wearing even after being vaccinated. And 89% fear this news will be unwelcomed and ignored by the public. When asked when it will be safe to stop wearing masks, this is how Sermo doctors responded:

1 – 3 months
4 – 6 months
7 – 12 months
12+ months

Fifty-four percent of Sermo physicians said they believe the double-mask trend is effective. And 72% believe this summer could be a major turning point for getting control of the virus. 

Here is more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic:

Vaccine is probably the key to ending the pandemic, along with natura immunity; it may be that about one third to one fifth of the U.S. population is already naturally immune, so that is a good thing, and contributes to herd immunity.

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We have variants of Covid and no evidence that the current vaccines will protect recipients.

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In New Jersey I know only a few healthcare professionals who have been able to get even one vaccination. Those at high risk of getting and spreading the virus have not been able to be vaccinated. A better system needs to be put in place. Virginia has sites where 1000 people a day can be vaccinated. New Jersey, the most densely populated state, has not done this.

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