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Drs Share Misconceptions About Their Specialties

Within the great scope of practicing medicine and delivering patient care, we know that each specialty comes with its own unique set of challenges.

You have likely heard some untrue stereotypes, myths or misconceptions about your physician specialty. We asked doctors to set the record straight and tell the real truth! We asked our network of global physicians, “What do other people (doctors or patients) get wrong about your specialty? What are the biggest misconceptions about what you do?”

Here are some of their responses!

“All I do is deliver babies……….. No. And one of the most common comments I get is – ‘Oh, I didn’t know you did surgery.’” – Obstetrics & Gynecology 

“Anesthesia is just an on/off switch.” – Anesthesiology

“Allergists have been called ‘shot docs’ for decades by other physicians. Fortunately, our professional organizations have done a great job publicizing the expanding scope of expertise that a BC allergist can offer patients with many respiratory, skin and GI conditions.” – Allergy & Immunology

“Patients confuse optometrists and ophthalmologists. (Some patients think general surgeons are not specialists… ugh).” – Ophthalmology 

“That I am the narcotic dispensing clinic and I will take 100% of their pain away.” – Pain Medicine

“1. ’I didn’t know you can prescribe medications. Are you a real doctor? Now when I think of it, I saw an M.D. behind your name on my script.’ This was a real conversation. 2. ‘IS there a real difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?’ 3. ‘Oh you are a shrink. You gonna analyze me now?’” – Psychiatry

“That all I do is cosmetic work!! Drives me nuts thinking that patients (and other physicians) think I’m a glorified aesthetician.” – Dermatology 

“The biggest one is that we just do autopsies all day.” – Pathology

“Most patients and many doctors think that you just press a button on the laser to do cataract surgery and that they are all the same and the surgery requires no skill.” – Ophthalmology

“Frequently confused with being a genetic counselor.” – Genetics 

“Many patients (my mother included) think Radiologists treat patients with cancer, confusing them with Radiation Oncologists.” – Radiology

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