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In Good Condition: Drs Share Their Positive Moments!

Every Friday, in an effort to showcase the positive things that are happening in doctors’ lives, Sermo publishes a post called In Good Condition. In Good Condition is a weekly forum for doctors to share some of their week’s highlights, where we ask doctors to tell us the top “happy moment” from their week.

Here are some highlights that we’ve spotted in the comments recently:

“Had a lazy morning drinking coffee on the deck with the wind whipping around. The dogs were soaking up the sun. Tiny leaves coming out on my variegated hedge, like pearls on a necklace.” – Family Practice, US

“Repaired a finger laceration in urgent care yesterday and received a stellar review!” – Internal Medicine, US

“Conseguí una mascota dulce y adorable!” // “I got a sweet and adorable pet!” – General Practice, VE

“Our hospital was one of three in the entire central US to receive commendation as a 50 Best Healthgrades Hospitals.” – General Surgery, US

“Bowled a 191 tonight. New high game for the season.” – Family Medicine, US

“Got back from 2 weeks holiday in the Dominican Republic.” – Pulmonology, UK

“Had a mini vacation 3 days, 2 nights away from home. No responsibilities. Just me and my husband doing whatever the heck we want, when we want. And safely returned home and re-entered reality.” – Neurology, US

“I saw my primary care for a routine check up. I was in great shape and he confirmed that I had lost weight. After the appointment, I treated myself to dinner out (I almost always eat in).” – General Practice, US

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