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New Insight and Understanding of Fragile X

Fragile X-associated disorders (FXD) are among the most common inherited causes of intellectual disability. A new supplement dedicated to FXD was published in Pediatrics on June 1st. Funded by the CDC, this supplement contains some of the latest research on these conditions and will be a wide-ranging resource for healthcare professionals and researchers in their efforts to advance knowledge, treatment, and quality of life for individuals with fragile X-associated disorders. The supplement contains:

  • New research on individuals with both fragile X syndrome (FXS) and autism spectrum disorder,
  • A description of what’s needed and the barriers and challenges to have FXS included in newborn screening,
  • Expert reviews of the scientific literature on FXD, and
  • An outline of the methods used by staff at FXS specialty clinics collecting data for the Fragile X Online Registry With Accessible Research Database, known as FORWARD. FORWARD is the largest database of people living with FXD in the United States and is funded by CDC.

This supplement illustrates the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) mission to help children reach their full potential by understanding developmental disabilities, and improving the health of people living with disabilities.

Read more about the supplement online at Advancing Treatment and Care for Fragile X Syndrome. For more information about CDC’s fragile X syndrome program read Fragile X Syndrome: A Public Health Challenge.

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