Level up! Take the next step in your healthcare messaging with personalized physician engagement experiences

Finding the right piece of digital content can feel like looking for a needle in an endless online haystack. And once you find your content “needle,” there is no guarantee it resonates perfectly with your unique situation.  

To increase the odds of your content converting customers, brands are turning towards personalization—individualized messages and benefit statements that put their content into the individual’s language and POV. Instead of casting a wide and untargeted net, brands—using first and third-party data—can deliver customized messaging to a narrower set of prospects. By controlling the haystack, your needle becomes a lot more relevant.  

Healthcare companies that engage with their audience in a more personalized and targeted manner are seeing improved results. The even better news for us healthcare marketers: physicians actually WANT to see these tactics from pharma!  

According to recent Sermo polls, doctors are now seeking out more relevant and targeted content instead of relying on mass outreach to learn about brands and products: 

Where are physicians engaging with personalized content? 

Healthcare is a large industry, but it is easy to segment the market and find the most relevant audience for your business. Unfortunately, finding your customers is not enough. Figuring out how to speak to them and what values they prioritize is critical to breaking through the noise. Digital engagement is becoming the primary method physicians trust both personally and professionally. 

Optimizing your digital strategy to engage with physicians on the social channels they already use and trust offers a personalized digital strategy that fits the modern healthcare business. A recent Sermo report found that 46% of physicians check social media for personal reasons more than 3 times a day3 and 75% of physicians use social media +1 hour/week to advance professional goals.4 

Customizing your online content for these digital physicians places your brand and products front and center where physicians are already engaging with and trust content. Plus, it ensures the right physician is being delivered the most relevant message for their unique challenges. 

Physicians want to personalize content for their patients, too! 

More than just receiving customized content, physicians are looking to incorporate these content strategies into their own communications with patients. Offering a personalization solution for healthcare providers can go a long way in cementing your relationship with physicians and their patients. 

According to a 2022 Sermo Poll9 of 139 global physicians on the value of customization and personalization in healthcare: 

  • 94% of physicians find it valuable to be able to personalize patient education materials 
  • 89% of physicians would like to customize materials for their practice to reflect the diversity and issues relevant to their patient population9 
  • Only 57% have access to enough culturally sensitive materials for the patients in their practice9

Personalization made easy on Sermo 

Think personalization strategies are just too much work? Sermo’s turnkey physician engagement platform has built-in personalization capabilities to make 1:1 connections between you and your target physicians as easy as possible.  

Personalized Dedicated Emails 
Personalize your “from,” “to”, image, body copy and CTA on the individual physician or segment-level. 

Personalized Video & Image Ads  
Personalize your intro text, images/videos, and CTA on the individual physician or segment-level. 

Personalized Direct Message 
Personalize your “from,” “to”, body copy, 300×250 and CTA on the individual physician or segment-level. 

How are your peers implementing personalized content on the Sermo Platform? 

Here are some popular and successful personalization use cases to spark some creative thinking: 

  • Delivering regional-based product updates and alerts 
  • Connecting your sales reps to physicians 
  • Sharing clinical trial availability based on region 
  • Driving local event sign-ups 
  • Publishing drug pricing based on location / health plan coverage, and more 

Are you ready to “flip the funnel”? By implementing these easy tactics, you too can move away from a mass communication strategy to a more personalized approach that zeros in on high-quality audiences with impactful messaging. Now is the time to update your meaning of success from large-scale reach to driving high-quality engagements. Let’s make this the year you deliver the right message to the right people each and every time! 

Everyday thousands of Sermo member physicians from diverse backgrounds and experiences exchange knowledge with each other. Sermo is the original medical social network that empowers today’s physicians. Over 1 million fully verified physicians across more than 150 countries come to our platform to talk with peers, participate in paid medical studies, solve challenging patient cases, contribute to the world’s largest database of drug ratings – and enjoy a few laughs along the way.   

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