Sermo partners with Software Advice

As a world leader in physician market research, Sermo perpetually surveys its online community of doctors on a range of topics. The valuable insights provided by doctors’ contributions to these surveys help inform articles, resources, and more. Our aim is to help the general public understand what doctors are experiencing.

One group that loves learning from doctors is Software Advice, a provider of technological solutions for businesses.

In the past, physicians have shed light on social media for physicians and patient wait times. Now, thanks to physician responses to a recent Sermo survey, Software Advice has published a new piece featuring our doctors’ data: Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Your Medical Practice’s Top Pain Points

Revenue cycle management is pivotally important for any practice. Effective patient registration, insurance verification, claims processing, etc. are all essential to maintaining practice accountability and viability. Curious to learn doctors’ biggest challenges when it came to obtaining patient payment, Software Advice launched a survey to Sermo doctors to inquire about these “pain points” in their revenue stream.

Software Advice consequently analyzed and contextualized physicians’ primary revenue cycle pain points, and developed useful, actionable advice for doctors to learn how to better manage their healthcare facilities’ revenue cycles.

Revenue cycle management is a burdensome and arduous task for doctors and often serves as a hindrance to efficiency. Some of the key suggestions to come from Software Advice’s analysis were that doctors should:

  • Verify a patient’s insurance ahead of time
  • Collect co-pays in person
  • Double-check a patient’s coverage
  • Use software to help them collect payments

Read the full article on to learn more about Revenue Cycle Management.

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