SERMO is the leading social network for physicians – a virtual doctors’ lounge where hundreds of thousands of doctors from around the world anonymously talk real-world medicine.

At present, SERMO has over 600,000 members, making our social network the largest and most involved online medical community. Our doctors discuss important medical topics and collaborate on real patient cases to improve healthcare everyday. Soon, our social network will expand to include all the doctors in our digital research network – swelling to over 1 million members around the globe.

SERMO triple verifies physicians and employs the most advanced methods to ensure all registered members are active licensed doctors, including:

IDOlogy Identify Verification
The leading identify verification system used by the Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Age-restricted commerce industries.

AMA Physician Masterfile
The most authoritative source for physician identification, used by hospitals, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies et al.

RelevantID Digital Fingerprinting
Digital fingerprinting and watermarking technology used by the Financial Services and Market Research industries

Because doctors feel safe and secure on SERMO, they freely interact with and trust each other at levels not seen in any other physician community. We uphold the most rigorous privacy policies and standards in the industry, offering physicians the option to remain anonymous so they can feel free to share insights equally—both successes and failures—to improve physician practices and patient care.

15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the US use SERMO Engagement solutions to inform and collaborate with physician thought leaders.