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Our goal is to enable healthcare companies to engage with and access healthcare professionals where they are already collaborating to advance medicine.

Founded in 2005, SERMO pioneered the physician social network movement. Today, SERMO is the leading physician private social network, with over 550,000 doctors in 24 countries. SERMO will continue in its mission to provide global communication to doctors around the world.

Engagement rates on SERMO are unparalleled, with 30 percent of members active on the platform on a regular basis. 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the US use SERMO Engagement solutions to inform and collaborate with physician stakeholders.

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Listen to our SERMO & MM&M webinar on “How Doctors Socialize Online: Medical Crowdsourcing in the Virtual Doctors’ Lounge.”

Physician Verification

Our social network is for physicians only, and their identity is verified in three ways.

IDOlogy Identify Verification

The leading identify verification system used by the Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Age-restricted commerce industries.

AMA Physician Masterfile

The most authoritative source for physician identification, used by hospitals, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies et al.

RelevantID Digital Fingerprinting

Digital fingerprinting and watermarking technology used by the Financial Services and Market Research industries

Engagement Products

SERMO Pages: A SERMO Page is a page within SERMO that provides your brand, business or association with an ongoing presence and voice on SERMO to help you showcase your offering and connect and engage with physicians.

  • A Page is your home on SERMO.
  • It's fast and easy to create your own page by personalizing your page name, description, logo and hero image to promote your unique brand identity.
  • Share an unlimited number of posts that can feature images, embedded video links, and links to third-party resources
  • Pages have real estate on SERMO home page, in the MD navigation panel, and can be found with the search function
  • Best of all, Pages are free when created through SERMO’s client portal. Driving additional and targeted traffic to Pages can be purchased via our engagement team
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SERMO Social media campaigns

Clients have various opportunities on SERMO to engage with physicians in a context where they are pro-actively looking to learn and collaborate.

Engagement Solutions include
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Advertising
  • Brand Pages
  • Medical Information Bridge
  • Social Hubs

SERMO Sponsored Posts: A mini article written by the client to engage and converse with SERMO docs

  • Sponsored posts influence and direct discussion about your product. They are a simple and effective way to leverage the power of social media.
  • A sponsored post enables you to create a clinical narrative with your own content or you can work in conjunction with a physician advisor to create a post. The post can be open or closed for comments.
  • Sponsored posts also feature integrated physician polling capability directly on the post to obtain feedback and insights. Interact with doctors on the post by asking doctors relevant questions, right on the post.
  • Sponsored posts are the heart of the SERMO social media experience, they are where doctors engage with clients and their brands.

SERMO Ads: High impact banner ad with persistent presence throughout the campaign

  • SERMO ads are uniquely offered as 100% share of voice for targeted specialties.
  • Our ads have a unique high impact display format that lets you incorporate key messaging elements like ISI and fixed Prescribing Information links.

Engagement Team

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