Case study – pharma co gained HCP insights in 5 days

Client Challenge

Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to quickly tap into Atopic Dermatitis HCP experts to inform their product roadmap and value proposition for a treatment.

Sermo Solution

Full-service qualitative research using a custom Ad Board/Community.


  • APAC & EU Pharmacists
  • APAC & EU Dermatology Nurses
  • EU Nurse Practitioners

Ad Board/Community Requirements

  • 5 sets of daily questions over 5 days​
  • 2-3 hours participation​
  • Moderator responses & interactions​

Key factors that made this project a success

  • Quality respondents: Each HCP was pre-profiled to ensure they were a good fit 
  • Moderation Support: Sermo Expert Moderators created discussion guide and drove the conversation to ensure the insights needed were gained
  • Speed to insights: Community was conducted in just 5 days with a total of 72 completes​
  • Time-savings: Insights were transformed into a comprehensive report by Sermo, saving the client time and enabling quicker actioning​ 

WOW! This is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for this excellent work…​

Senior Manager, Pharma Co Global Medical Affairs

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