How-to: win more business with RealTime HCP insights

Are you looking to impress your clients and increase your win rate? We’ll take that as a “yes.”

Check out this quick video to see how one management consulting firm enhanced their pitch and ultimately won the business using exclusive HCP RealTime insights gained in just 13 hours.

RealTime Study Specs

  • # completes: 97
  • Markets: EU5
  • Specialties: Cards & Neuros
  • Time to insights: just 13 hours

Success Factors

Enhanced client expertise: Client was armed with proprietary insights on the target audience that other vendors did not have

Enabled a data-driven consultation​: Client effectively advised on the most successful study set-up:​

  • The RealTime insights identified that one of the screeners was too prohibitive and would negatively affect feasibility​
  • Screener was updated to focus on the more important criteria of patient load and treatment decision-making

Drove business development: End client was impressed by the level of insights and strategic direction provided, resulting in them awarding the business to the management consulting firm.

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