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About Intelligence & Our Team

SERMO Intelligence: Our goal is to connect clients with the world’s largest most engaged healthcare professional network to facilitate insights and decision-making in order to improve healthcare globally.

SERMO Intelligence (previously WorldOne) has 1.8 million 100 percent opt-in and fully verified healthcare professional members in a digital and social network that spans the world. We collect high-quality data with one million physicians and 800,000 other HCPs.

In 15 years, SERMO Intelligence became the largest global healthcare data collection company, conducting interviews with 500,000 physicians a year across 80 countries.

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The merger and transition of SERMO and WorldOne to SERMO has:

  • Doubled the size of our US physician community (currently 40 percent penetration and growing)
  • Contributed new types of clinical engagement and research capabilities to our product portfolio, while adding a new social dimension
  • Increased physician receptiveness and openness when responding to research studies
  • Reinforced our commitment to continued innovation in the services we offer our clients

SERMO’S Benefits for You

SERMO’s benefits for you include enhanced capabilities with uncompromised service.

Our portfolio of solutions now includes:

  • Greater reach and diversity, with 40% of US physicians now within our network/community, preventing panel fatigue and increasing response rates
  • Option for Real-Time market data (MedLIVETM)
  • More awareness touchpoints for your studies, beyond daily emails to include multiple locations across the SERMO website and, in the near future, mobile applications

What We Are Not

We are NOT a full-service market research agency and do not have any future plans in that direction. We do not provide questionnaire design services, deliver custom reports or provide guidance on how to interpret data.

The Intelligence Team

VP, Business Development North America
MD Europe
VP, Global Head of Therapy
SVP, Client Services Europe APac & LatAm
VP, Client Services

Coverage and Composition

SERMO’s research network consists of over 1.8 million healthcare professionals globally, including one million physicians. All members have opted to participate in market research studies.

SERMO's research network spans Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Combined with our local recruitment capabilities, we can complete studies on virtually any healthcare topic requiring almost any sample size and demographic composition. By partnering with SERMO, researchers can achieve all of their data collection needs from one fast and reliable source.

ESOMAR 28 Questions
SERMO answers the 28 ESOMAR questions that allow researchers to determine influences on online sampling approaches to decide the best fit for their objectives. Our answers ensure clients receive validated quality data and superior service. Read More

Intelligence Products

Quantitative Market Data

Worldwide Access to Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare data collection has been a core competency at SERMO Intelligence since the very beginning. Our programming and recruiting capabilities enable you to structure surveys however you like and distribute to your custom target list. Additionally, you may select and add participants from our entire global network. Read More

Real-Time Market Data:
SERMO RealTime

SERMO RealTime offers critical market insights in a matter of hours. Read More

From, our online portal, clients can author surveys in minutes. Users have the ability to upload target lists by specialty and country from our entire global network.

Social Media Research

Gain valuable insights into what physicians believe and feel about your brand with perspectives from doctors about patient cases, treatment choices and unmet needs. SERMO Social Media Research helps you understand when, how and why physicians engage with your product, and is the starting point for any SERMO campaign.

Language Services

Unparalleled Expertise in Translating Healthcare Surveys
SERMO has delivered and translated more healthcare surveys than any other company in the world. Our highly specialized and unique translation methodology has been optimized for complex medical language, delivering results with unmatched quality, speed and consistency. Read More