Our goal is to connect clients with the world’s largest, most engaged healthcare professional network to facilitate insights and decision-making in order to improve healthcare globally.

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The SERMO (previously WorldOne) research network has 2 million 100 percent opt-in and fully verified healthcare professional members, including one million physicians and 800,000 other HCPs across 80 countries. Our U.S. physician panel includes 800,000 doctors, representing an unprecedented 80% of doctors in the United States.

In 16 years, SERMO has grown from a team of 5 to the largest healthcare data collection company in the world. Our doctors complete 700,000 surveys per year, to answer 20 million of our clients’ questions. We continuously engage with our members to gather rich profiling data, which helps target the right HCPs for each project. We also offer more awareness touch points for your studies including daily emails and notifications across the SERMO social network.

We are not a full-service market research organization. We do not provide questionnaire design services, deliver custom reports, or provide guidance on how to interpret data. SERMO specializes on and excels at delivering the highest quality data – no matter the topic, sample size, or demographic composition – in less time.

SERMO has dedicated 16 years to designing the best processes and procedures for delivering a high-quality product. Clients can choose from a broad selection of methodologies, geographies, and services, and can choose to add a wide range of additional services including survey programming, hosting, coding and tabulations.

Whether the project involves setup, hosting and data delivery, or is a Sample Only, our clients rely on our Language Services to meet their translation needs.


All SERMO research couples traditional quantitative data collection with a unique social component that allows respondents to dialogue with each other on the SERMO social network about the study and related topics. For the first time, clients not only receive the quantitative data commissioned in the core study, but also relevant user-generated content (UGC) from the accompanying social discussion – at no additional cost. Read more


SERMO was one of the first research firms to undergo an independent review of its internal processes and performance metrics, and has aggressively developed capabilities to meet and exceed quality expectations.

As most surveys are completed online, SERMO uses RelevantID® technology to uniquely identify each computer accessing our surveys, ensuring protection against fraud.

ESOMAR 28 Questions
SERMO answers the 28 ESOMAR questions that allow researchers to determine influences on online sampling approaches to decide the best fit for their objectives. Our answers ensure clients receive validated quality data and superior service.
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Proprietary Applications
SERMO has also designed an array of technological applications aimed at preserving quality in our projects at all stages, including:

  • Proprietary document management and survey change-tracking software
  • • Proprietary script check and dummy data software
  • • Extensive library of enhancements to our standard Confirmit survey platform with a heavy focus on quality of response, e.g. detecting and preventing straight lining, speeding, inattentiveness and inconsistent answers.

In addition to these technical measures, we have a dedicated team of more than 30 quality control specialists who focus solely on reviewing, analyzing and ensuring legitimacy of data.


Accurate translation is the difference between right and wrong answers, but also one of the most error-prone aspects of a project because translating HCP surveys is challenging: the complexity of the language of medicine, technical dimensions, and unique workflows all need to be addressed to provide quality results.


Only SERMO has the combined volume of projects and experience in translating healthcare surveys to offer unparalleled expertise in this area – we’ve conducted 30,000 multi-lingual studies, 50,000 total project translations, and translated nearly a quarter-billion words. Our Translation Managers are all professional linguists qualified in translation theory strengthened by decades of practice. SERMO has optimized our methodology so we’re able to deliver translation with unmatched accuracy, speed and consistency.


SERMO can process multiple file types, including survey scripts in XML format exported from online survey platforms. We work with clients to translate XML exports of programmed surveys and return translated files that can be uploaded directly into their survey platform, saving time and expense of language overlaying.


As we conduct full setup including programming and hosting on thousands of our projects, we understand these challenges and work with clients to tailor translation workflow solutions.

SERMO Quantitative Data Collection
Learn from 1.8 million healthcare professionals from 80 countries and over 40 specialties, with SERMO – the world’s leading HCP polling company. Read more
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SERMO RealTime is the industry’s fastest and most cost-effective real-time mini survey tool that enables clients to query global HCPs in real time. Read more
SERMO Conversations
Gain valuable insights into what physicians believe and feel about your brand with perspectives from doctors about patient cases, treatment choices, and unmet needs with our social media listening.

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