SERMO is a merger of SERMO and WorldOne. Peter Kirk co-founded WorldOne in 2000 in London as a healthcare data collection company which grew to be the global market leader in healthcare, with regional offices around the world supporting 400+ clients and a network of 1.8 million physicians and HCPs.

In July 2012, WorldOne merged with SERMO, the pioneer of medical social networking and an industry-leading physician-only discussion platform to extend interactions with physicians beyond traditional market research and include broader online engagement.

Since then WorldOne and SERMO integrated technology platforms and memberships in the US while scaling the platform to expand internationally.

2015 and Beyond

Today, SERMO focuses on delivering the most robust global platform available to engage physicians and other HCPs. Physicians in our network participate with an openness to learn and grow professionally while sharing expertise with their colleagues. This results in more meaningful and authentic interactions with our clients, from research studies and intelligence projects to SERMO social media and other engagement campaigns.

Looking forward, we will continue to innovate and advance the SERMO platform to facilitate access to the broadest and deepest medical insights and experience anywhere in the world.