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SERMO is the leading social network for physicians – a virtual doctors’ lounge where doctors anonymously talk ‘real world’ medicine. SERMO’s mission is to revolutionize real world medicine and unite physicians by providing them with a safe, private, and trusted platform for free and open discussions.

SERMO is also the world’s largest healthcare professional polling company with 2 million HCPs in both the social and digital research networks, spanning 80 countries. SERMO conducts 700,000 surveys per year.

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Intelligence Products

All of our research now includes a social component.
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SERMO Quantitative Data Collection

Learn from 2 million healthcare professionals from 80 countries and over 40 specialties, with SERMO – the world’s leading HCP polling company. Read more

SERMO RealTime

SERMO RealTime is the industry’s fastest and most cost-effective real-time mini survey tool that enables clients to query global HCPs in real time. Read more

SERMO Conversations

Gain valuable insights into what physicians believe and feel about your brand with perspectives from doctors about patient cases, treatment choices, and unmet needs with our social media listening.

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