Network Quality

Network size and reach are prerequisites, but not sufficient without a commitment to quality measures such as respondent verification and engagement. SERMO has aggressively developed capabilities to meet these challenges.

Quality is at the core of what we do. SERMO strictly follows industry fieldwork guidelines recommended by both CASRO and ESOMAR, and we have received the “MRA Verified” seal upon completion of the MRA's Panel Review Program.

Through our emunity program, we have built an industry-leading verification process. Our methods include a double opt-in sign-up process with telephone confirmation at place of work, the most rigorous online authentication process in the industry through real-time access to multiple best-in-class third- party databases, and de-duplication.

As most surveys are completed online, SERMO uses RelevantID® technology to uniquely identify each computer accessing our surveys, ensuring protection against fraud. In addition to these technical measures, we have a dedicated team of more than 30 quality control specialists who focus solely on reviewing, analyzing and ensuring legitimacy of data.

emunity [PDF]

ESOMAR 28 Questions [PDF]
SERMO answers the 28 ESOMAR questions that allow researchers to determine influences on online sampling approaches to decide the best fit for their objectives. Our answers ensure clients receive validated quality data and superior service.

MRA Verified Panel Provider [PDF]
The Market Research Association (MRA) provides transparency and quality assurance to research processes through their review program. SERMO was one of the first research firms to undergo an independent review of its internal processes and performance metrics.