Our Networks

Social Network

SERMO is the #1 social network, exclusive to physicians. Founded in 2005, SERMO pioneered medical social networking and employs the most advanced methods to ensure all registered members are indeed active licensed doctors. At present, SERMO has over 550,000 doctors discussing and collaborating around clinical issues and other important medical topics, which makes it the largest and most involved online medical community. Today we are established in the 24 countries, the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, France, Finland, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, and Israel, but soon our platform will expand to our entire network of 1.8 million members around the globe.

SERMO takes physician privacy seriously. We uphold the most rigorous privacy policies and standards in the industry, offering physicians the option to remain anonymous so they can feel free to share insights equally—both successes and failures—to improve physician practices and patient care. Because doctors feel safe and secure on SERMO, they freely interact with and trust each other at levels not seen anywhere else on the Internet.

Research Network

We are committed to grow and maintain what is already the industry's leading research panel with over 1.8 million healthcare professionals (1 million physicians). Awarded the “MRA Verified” seal and adhering to CASRO and ESOMAR guidelines, SERMO's network (previously WorldOne) is recruited and managed under the highest standards, including a proprietary emunity™ program with an unrivalled verification process.

The global span and diversity of our network offers flexibility and the ability to gather information from a wide range of audiences. Our localized recruitment capabilities combined with our community management expertise provide clients with unparalleled reach and speed.

We continuously engage with our members to gather rich profiling data to better help target the right healthcare professionals.

ESOMAR 28 Questions [PDF]
SERMO answers the 28 ESOMAR questions that allow researchers to determine influences on online sampling approaches to decide the fit for their objectives. Our answers ensure clients receive validated quality data and superior service.

MRA Verified Panel Provider [PDF]
The Market Research Association (MRA) provides transparency and quality assurance to research processes through their review program. SERMO was one of the first research firms to undergo an independent review of its internal processes and performance metrics.

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