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Physicians are concerned by long-term effects on children

Children in the United States are being impacted by coronavirus infections at “unprecedented levels,” according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association. During the last week of October, there were 61,000 new cases in children, “which is larger than any previous week in the pandemic,” the AAP reported. From the start of the pandemic through October 29, more than 853,000 children have tested positive for Covid-19, the AAP said, including nearly 200,000 new cases in October alone.

In a poll of about 150 global Sermo physicians, 30% report seeing a rise of infections in children; and 88% agree with the AAP that there’s an ‘urgent’ need for studies on how the virus may affect a child’s health long-term—physically, emotionally and mentally. The pandemic is impacting children at a critical stage in their development and education—which concerns 89% of Sermo physicians 

Symptoms in children are often mild and can look like common colds or viruses. Ninety percent of Sermo physicians believe this results in Covid cases among children going undercounted. 

Given that wave two of the pandemic is in full force in many regions around the world, 79% believe that as physicians, they should be encouraging families to avoid holiday gatherings to help stop the spread of the virus and protect children.

Here’s more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic—in their own words…

In the pediatric hospitals where friends work, they have commented that there is a greater number of patients with COVID-19


We will know later on how it is going to work. Clearly children have way less acute issues than adults.

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It is being found that this virus especially affects young children. Affecting their development. Its defenses, is a multifaceted and multipathological virus, and difficult to control today.

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