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Physicians concerned about higher education amid pandemic

Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sued the Trump administration over its ruling that would strip visas from foreign students who are taking online-only courses in the U.S. this fall semester, according to CNN. “Harvard announced earlier this week that all course instruction will be delivered online, including for students living on campus. In a statement provided to CNN, the university said the guidance stands to affect approximately 5,000 international students.”

In a poll of 1,200+ global Sermo physicians, 67% responded that they support Harvard and M.I.T. in their lawsuit against the Trump administration. While 67% believe the ruling could impact medical students and medical schools in the U.S., 77% responded that the ruling could have more far-reaching implications. 

In these uncertain times, 84% of Sermo physicians are concerned by the state of higher education in general—due to the pandemic and the limitations that students, professors, and universities are struggling with globally. Here’s more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic: