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Doctors concerned the pandemic has not peaked

While many countries have hit the peak of the pandemic, this week the World Health Organization reported that the global daily cases reached a record high—and worldwide, total cases passed 7 million. These numbers signify that the pandemic appears to be worsening, not improving. 

In a Sermo poll of 700+ physicians, 80% said this news was concerning, but 66% were not surprised that the pandemic had not yet peaked globally. 

In another poll, 88% of Sermo physicians said they believe their patients are confused on how to safely resume normal life and 85% fear this confusion and the need for normalcy and social interaction could trigger another wave of the coronavirus. When asked about how long they plan to continue to wear masks, 14% said for at least the next month; 25% said for at least the next 3 months; 30% said for at least 6 months; and 19% said for at least a year. 

In related news, the W.H.O. reported that asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 is not a significant factor, which 76% of Sermo physicians did not agree with. In order to truly move forward safely, 92% of physicians said we need a clearer grasp on how Covid-19 is transmitted, according to our poll. Here are some more opinions that Sermo physicians expressed: