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Sermo’s Physician Community is Buzzing about COVID-19

Sermo doctors share fears, advice, and more as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to surge. From hospital readiness to germ prevention and diagnosis insight, the community is abuzz with questions and answers, opinions and facts, support and encouragement. 

When Sermo doctors were asked, “When should leaders and health officials have taken action to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?” the responses rang loud and clear: preventative action didn’t happen quickly enough…

  • 40% said preventive action by leaders should have occurred “As the numbers started rising rapidly in China”
  • 25% said “As soon as news broke in Wuhan, China back in November”
  • 18% said “Once the virus was reported in other countries like Japan, Thailand, and South Korea“
  • Only 8% said “When the virus was reported in your own country”

Regardless of how Covid-19 prevention was handled by leaders, Sermo doctors agree that local prevention is essential, and we all should “spread the message, not the virus.”

Transitioning from prevention to preparedness, Sermo doctors weighed-in on local hospital readiness. When asked, “What is your opinion on how prepared your hospitals are for the future of this outbreak?”

  • 58% said, “Hospitals in my country will not have the resources or beds to adequately handle this pandemic.”
  • 25% said, “Given the curb of socializing, the closing of schools and workplaces, I believe the outbreak will be curbed and hospitals will be ready.”
  • 15% said, “I am unsure and anxious about what’s to come.“

But fear and anxiety are not getting in the way of essential community support. The doctors continue to share new learnings, tips, and encouragement. From posting Covid-19 “cheat sheets”, to how to make your own personal protective equipment.

Sermo doctors are here for each other during this great time of need.