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COVID-19 Medical Shortages Plague Physicians

Shortages of everything from hospital beds to face masks, testing kits to medications continue to hinder the fight against COVID-19. Our polls have confirmed that Sermo doctors are personally experiencing these alarming shortages, and are concerned that the worst is yet to come. 

According to a poll of 400+ Sermo physicians that was launched on March 31, 66% identified as doctors on the frontline who required personal protective equipment. In another poll of 700+ Sermo physicians on April 1, 69% were experiencing a shortage of testing kits and 79% were short on protective masks. As for medications, 46% responded that they had experienced a shortage, while 83% said they were concerned that critical medication to fight COVID-19 will soon become unavailable.

This is an urgent matter as medical shortages only exacerbate the pandemic. Below are some of the personal words, opinions, thoughts, and concerns that Sermo physicians have expressed on our platform.