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1-Year anniversary of Sermo’s COVID-19 Barometer

April 2nd marked the one-year anniversary of Sermo’s COVID-19 Real Time Barometer Study—the largest statistically significant COVID-19 survey. At a time when the world needed to hear from physicians on the frontlines, Sermo provided exclusive insights and recommendations from 70,000+ total physician interviews across the globe. 

Over the past year, the following key physician insights on COVID-19’s impact were revealed:

  • 53% of physicians have seen an increase in patients who are unhoused or in poverty over the past year
  • 86% of doctors believe mental health issues, such as depression will be the biggest non-COVID-19 issue as a result of the pandemic
  • 3 out of 4 doctors still believe we have a long way to go to achieve COVID-19 community immunity
  • Back in June 2020, 81% of U.S. physicians and 62% of doctors worldwide predicted a 2nd wave of COVID-19 was likely to occur

Sermo has had the rare opportunity to collect powerful data from front-line physicians, across 17 barometers to date, including:

  • 427 total survey questions were asked
  • 1,034,036 unique answers were gathered
  • 73,209 physician participants were recorded
  • Physicians from 39 different countries participated
  • Physicians from 81 different specialties participated

Results from the Barometer Study have been hailed by the media, including the Chicago Tribune, CBS News, the AP News, the Washington Times, and Time magazine—which reported the breaking news that “Hydroxychloroquine fails to help coronavirus patients in largest study of the drug to date.”

But it’s not just the media that found the Barometer’s results significant. Sermo physicians also paid close attention to what their colleagues observed and shared about Covid-19. In a recent poll of 200+ global Sermo physicians, 88% reported that the survey’s observations, insights and recommendations from their colleagues were valuable. And 52% said their personal opinions or treatment recommendations changed based on data provided from the Barometer. 

Eighty three percent of Sermo physicians look forward to future roll-outs of the Barometer’s data and findings. And that’s good news because this is an ongoing survey. The Barometer will continue to educate and enlighten the world on the evolving treatments, vaccines, and expectations of what’s to come in this pandemic.