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Sermo doctors are fighting on the front lines of COVID-19

The photos featured here were self-submitted by some of the brave Sermo doctors who are fighting on the front lines of this pandemic. 

This week, it was reported that more than 100 doctors and nurses worldwide have died fighting COVID-19, per Newsweek. And “the U.S. saw its first emergency physician die after showing COVID-19 symptoms.”

According to a poll of 450+ Sermo physicians, 43% are working extra hours to help combat the coronavirus, and 37% have colleagues who have fallen ill. They are still struggling with severe shortages, as 73% reported being low on protective gear and supplies. And 77% reported that the virus has taken a toll on themselves and their colleagues. 

In their own words, this is how Sermo doctors are feeling this week—check out some of their personal posts below…