What HCPs really want: clinical trials and personalization

Sermo recently hosted an industry webinar to present findings from HCP Sentiment Study Part 7 entitled, “What Physicians Really Want, From Clinical Trials to Personalization.” All study questions were crowdsourced from the healthcare industry in an effort to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting the medical community and identify how we can best support HCPs. If you weren’t able to join or just want to do a deeper dive into the insights presented, check out the slides and recording on demand. 

The webinar covered:

  • How to optimize your educational events – from the ideal format to speaker preferences 
  • Which educational resources resonate most including pharma reps, patient support materials, online resources and more
  • HCP perspectives on the rise of personalization in marketing

We had some fantastic questions from webinar attendees and unfortunately couldn’t address them all live. The good news? We’ve answered all the questions below in partnership with our Medical Advisory Board Member and panelist, Dr. Elissa Yozawitz. 

Additional Insights from Dr. Yozawitz, Pediatric Neurologist:

Q: Do you feel pharma websites satisfy a physician’s needs around patient resources?

A: The websites are easy to navigate if the physician engages and goes to the website.  The problem is physicians do not always actively go to a pharma’s website, so it is helpful if pharma reaches out to the physician with the high yield information and the physician can follow up with additional questions.

Q: How do podcasts and webinars fit into your professional education? What about industry sponsored symposiums at conferences?

A: Podcasts and webinars are very physician specific. Some physicians like them and listen to them when driving to/from work or during their free time. Other people do not use them at all. Industry sponsored symposiums are typically attended if the topic is new and exciting or if the speakers are well known. However, people are reluctant at times to attend because the symposiums are at odd hours or conflict with other meetings.

Q: While I understand the value of hybrid meetings from the HCP perspective, what is the perspective on the value to manufacturers?  Do HCPs really go to the Virtual Exhibit Booths and engage with the company regarding their products?

A: For the last few virtual conferences I attended, I did not go to the virtual exhibit booths.  I would imagine that if a HCP has a specific question or interest, they will attend.

Q: How do you feel about handing over personal information to industry to inform personalisation? What do you feel comfortable sharing?

A:  I feel most HCP are willing to share this information. A lot of time at conferences/events, this information is taken automatically from our badge. 

Additional Insights from Sermo:

Q: Do we think [hybrid in-person/virtual] is just COVID response or the future of conferences?

A: We think (and hope!) hybrid events are here to stay due to the many benefits this flexible approach provides. Attendees can now join meetings from all over the world within the comfort of their own home, saving them travel time as well as expenses. Providing all event content on-demand also allows for greater reach as attendees can watch based on their availability, even after the event dates have passed. On the flip side, attendees can join live if they have availability to travel and would prefer some face-to-face time with peers and industry personnel. 

Q: Please define personalization in the context of this survey. Is it addressing HCP by name (alone); or is it tailoring messages based on their treatment algorithms?

A: We have a broad definition of personalization as it depends on the channel and tactic in discussion. Specifically for digital marketing efforts, personalization refers to dynamically pulling in the physician’s information and interests/areas of expertise, such as their name, specialty, and information on their specific patient population.

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