Pharma immuno-oncology leverages RealTime for feedback

In the past 18 months, major medical conferences have experienced dramatic disruption. Previously these in-person meetings were the primary modality of dissemination and presentation of new research and host to a wealth of networking opportunities for HCPs to discuss and translate new findings into clinical practice.

In a recent poll of 1,694 physicians, 88% expect that in-person events will return, however 82% also said that they would prefer the option for virtual to remain.  Virtual meetings have increased accessibility and lowered both attendance costs and the carbon footprint of large meetings, opening them up to a wider population of attendees. 

With the shift to digital, many pharma manufacturers are asking: “How will this impact adoption of new products or forecasts of competitive launches?”

Case Study: Gaining Targeted Conference Feedback


Client Challenge

The pharmaceutical company wanted to understand their target Oncologists’ impressions of new data they presented at two large medical conferences.

Sermo Solution

Launch a RealTime survey to a target list of Oncologists who have treated 2+ metastatic melanoma patients with systemic treatment therapy in the past 3 months to better understand their likelihood to adopt the new treatment over other options based on the data presented.


  • Survey completed fielding in just 2 hours & 52 minutes
  • Met 103% of the quota

Key factors that made this project a success

  • Access: With access to 1.3M triple-verified global HCPs, the client was able to narrow in precisely on a niche target list of Oncologists
  • Speed to insights: Survey was written, launched, closed and data analyzed in just 2 business days
  • Efficiency: Cost-effective, instant insight generation
  • Personalization: Client leveraged our concierge service add-ons, including questionnaire design, data processing & charting for end-to-end insight delivery

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