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With the rise of omnichannel HCP marketing, nearly 8 in 10 physicians say digital resources are more convenient, educational, and valuable than remote rep visits*.  However, in fiercely competitive markets, how can you ensure your digital message breaks through the clutter? 

Leveraging Sermo’s ADvantage Solutions to rapidly test and deploy advertising concepts from our panel of 1.5+ global HCPs, a late-to-market pharmaceutical brand gained strategic direction to effectively launch their HCP campaign with confidence.  This strategic approach positioned the client for success as they introduced their product in new markets, fostering engagement, differentiation, and ultimately, positive outcomes.


The Pharma Company was planning to launch Drug A, a treatment for atopic dermatitis (AD), in 4 major affiliate countries. To support the launch, the company developed 12 creatives for communication with dermatologists, aiming to identify the top 5 preferred creatives and assess their performance on key attributes. The challenge lies in selecting the most effective creatives that resonate with dermatologists in these new markets and effectively communicate the drug’s benefits as a late-to-market brand. 


Sermo’s end-to-end agile research solution, ADvantage, was designed to provide automated, engaging & FAST access to key brand questions: 

  • Which of the 12 creatives resonate best?
  • How strong is each creative in terms of evoking target associations defined for the campaign?
  • How strong is each creative in evoking general associations of relevance, credibility, uniqueness, etc.?
  • How strong is each creative in driving a call-to-action?

A MaxDiff exercise was utilized to reveal the order of preferences for the creatives among dermatologists, while Implicit Association Testing was conducted to gain insight into the implicit associations made with each creative.

Target Audience: Dermatologists, treating 20+ patients with clinically significant disease symptoms over the past 3 months

Markets: Europe

Total Completes: 190

Timeline: Once the creative stimuli and questionnaire was approved, the project fielded and delivered within 3 weeks. Once fielding began, the client had live access to results to get early read-outs of the winning concepts and received fast-tracked delivery of a fully storylined report with strategic recommendations from Sermo’s team of Market Research experts. 

Key Findings

  • One concept emerged as the strongest across all surveyed countries, consistently resonating more with dermatologists compared to other concepts, indicating a potential focus for the campaign.
  • Two themes also received positive attention, suggesting resonance with the target market. However, certain concepts lagged behind, hinting at potential ineffectiveness or lack of relevance.
  • French participants showed a unique preference for specific ideas, while the strongest concept achieved powerful associations with key attributes such as precision and control.
  • Despite weaker associations with a key theme mentioned in the creative, the leading concept remained strong in most markets and drove desire for further engagement among dermatologists.


  • The findings suggest that one concept emerged as the clear winner, exhibiting strong resonance and association with key attributes.
  • Additionally, certain themes showed potential, while others were less effective.
  • Recommendations include focusing campaign efforts on the top-performing concept and exploring opportunities to leverage themes of precision and mindfulness in communication strategies. 

With the insights garnered from ADvantage Solutions, the client is now well-equipped to embark on their launch journey with confidence in the new markets. Armed with a clear understanding of which creative concepts resonate most strongly with dermatologists and evoke the desired associations, the client can tailor their communication strategies with accuracy and relevance.

With Sermo’s global HCP community, primary research prowess, and engagement platform, we can swiftly test and deploy ad concepts. Our modular, tech-driven approach, coupled with expert-crafted surveys, yields targeted insights 50% faster than traditional methods, empowering pharma brands to make confident decisions.

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On behalf of Sermo, thank you for checking out our blog post on leveraging Sermo’s ADvantage Solutions to understand what will resonate most with your customers in new markets.  This is just one of the many success stories from Sermo’s ADvantage Solutions.  

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*Source: CMI Group, 2023