Pharma’s customer-led transformation uses physician insights

“The pharma industry has long recognised the need to move from product based selling to more customer-centric and value-based engagements, but the COVID-19 pandemic has crystalised the urgency to deliver this change. Shifting trends in healthcare are adding to the diversity of customer needs, demanding a new and improved approach – a transformation of marketing and cross-functional customer engagement that is truly led by customer needs and focused on their experience (customer-led transformation).” 

Study ObjectivesStrategy& (part of the PwC network) leveraged Sermo’s research capabilities to gain targeted insights from 300+ GPs, Hem/Oncs, Cardiologists, and Neurologists in the UK, Germany and Italy to understand: 

  • HCPs’ virtual communication with patients and pharma representatives (pre/during/after COVID) 
  • HCPs’ value perception of their interactions with pharma companies 
  • HCPs’ usage of digital tools in day-to-day work, and more 

Sermo physician insights were combined with Strategy& interviews with global and local pharma leaders and internal expertise to thoroughly analyze how pharma companies might drive customer-led transformation more holistically throughout their organisations. The full publication, entitled “Rise of the Customer Experience: Customer-Led Transformation in Pharma,” can be viewed here.  

Key Learnings: 

  • A declining yet more strategic role for face-to-face engagements: three-quarters of physicians anticipate less frequent interactions with pharma in the future, and find value in only half of face-to-face contacts.  
  • Increasing engagement with digital channels, even among ‘traditionalists’ who in the past would defer to digital channels only as a last resort: up to 50 percent of patient consultations are expected to remain virtual in the future, and more than half of physicians already regularly use Google Search for questions about therapeutic products.  
  • Low usage of current pharma-sponsored portals and forums, suggesting an opportunity to provide more thought leadership and value-added resources (content beyond product-specific information). 

How YOU can start your customer-lead transformation: 

Strategy& research reveals that a differentiated customer experience will replace pharma’s traditional, share of voice-driven promotional model within five years – or even sooner. Pharma companies need to accelerate their transformation programs now and build capabilities to seamlessly link engaging and insight-driven digital marketing with high-speed, needs-based customer engagement. 

To learn more about how pharma can anticipate and address not just current but also future customer needs, read Strategy&’s full publication here.  

Source: Strategy& publication, “Rise of the customer experience; Customerled transformation in pharma”March 2021 

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