Consultancy partners with Sermo to gain business insights

Research Objectives

A global consulting company was looking to quickly gather insights from GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists in the Belgian market on software solutions to understand:​

  • Competitive landscape​
  • Decision-making criteria​
  • Features most used in their practice​
  • Price and spend dynamics​

Insights gathered were used to support their knowledge development and customer acquisition strategy.


  • Set up: Required 80% incidence rate among target sample and 10 minute LOI
  • Speed: Insights needed to be collected within a short period of time (2-4 weeks)​
  • Access: Requirement to tap into a large network of physicians​

Sermo Solution

CAWI full-service capabilities were used to gather insights within the desired timeframe via a 10-minute online study. ​

Sermo leveraged its proprietary panel, phone recruitment, and social media outreach, alongside partnering with trusted third-party panels to achieve desired completes.


  • Completes: 362
  • Time: 5 Days

Value for Client

  • Overachieved targets for GPs and Pharmacists within limited time frame, demonstrating the strength of Sermo’s physician panel.​
  • Streamlined survey results, helping to save time and gain insights faster.​
  • Provided full support from the dedicated Client Services Team.​
  • Delivered high ROI linked to key market insights gathered quickly and at low cost.

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