Caption This: Physicians Submit Their Funny Captions

Fall is officially upon us: the weather is cooling and kids have been sent back to school. With the start of each new school year, the amount of time children spend being active is always a topic of conversation. In this age of technology, cellphones and Netflix have become the cornerstone of entertainment, leaving every kid glued to their screens.


We asked Sermo to caption this back to school cartoon, created by cartoonist Jerry King. Here are some choice selections for the best captions they submitted:

“I hear their favorite new cellphone game is a virtual playground. They just can’t get enough of it.” – Radiology

“I just KNEW they shouldn’t have expanded Twitter to 280 characters!” – Psychiatry

“I know, I know…but on the other hand, her pediatrician says that she can bench press 25 pounds with her thumbs.” – Radiology

“Don’t worry, they’ll get to the swings and slides eventually. First, they need to check other kids’ ratings of the equipment on ‘Yelp.'” – Radiology

“Well Marg, at least I won’t have to worry about them getting a concussion.” – General Practice

“They’re learning how to practice medicine: EMRs.” – Psychiatry

“They’ re using an app that can rate their parents. I have zero likes.” – Internal Medicine

 “Who needs a playground when one has Google Play! – Allergy & Immunology

 “Siri: How many calories can we burn ‘playing’” on the ground

 “Future doctors! They must be posting on Sermo!” – Opthamology

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