In Good Condition: What’s Going Well in Doctors’ Lives?

Doctors in good condition

Every Friday, in an effort to showcase the positive things that are happening in doctors’ lives, Sermo publishes a post called In Good Condition. In Good Condition is a weekly forum for doctors to share some of their week’s highlights, where we ask doctors to tell us the top “happy moment” from their week.

Here are some highlights that we’ve spotted in the comments recently:

“I took my millennial daughter to a Paul McCartney concert.” – Intensive Care physician in the US

“Bought a new driver, hell it’s been 20 years.” – Family medicine doctor in the US

“Los pacientes que consultarón esta semana conmigo consiguieron el tratamiento que les indicque, y han evolucionado satisfactoriamente…” // “The patients who consulted with me this week got the treatment that indicated to them, and they have evolved satisfactorily …” – Pediatrician in Venezuela

“I picked the first tomatoes and zucchini from the garden.” – Neurologist in the US

“j’ai reçu une magnifique corbeille de légumes du jardin ….et riende tel qu’une bonne entrée bio pour aider a finir la journée” // “I received a magnificent basket of vegetables from the garden …. and there’s nothing like a good dose of organic to help finish the day.” – ObGyn in France

“Received an invitation to attend our daughter’s white coat ceremony for veterinary school! We’re so excited for her!!!” – Psychiatrist in the US

“A mentor of mine is retiring at the end of the month. After a dept meeting he pulled me aside and told me that he enjoyed working with me, that I “talk the talk, and walk the walk”. It meant so much to me coming from him.” – Internal medicine doctor in the US

“Je vais voir Depeche mode ce soir.” // “I’m going to see Depeche mode tonight.” – Oncologist in France

“A patient told me that she thought of me as her 4th daughter, a big compliment from her.” – Internal medicine doctor in the US


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