Picking Specialties: Would Doctors Pick the Same One Again?

happiest doctors, least happy doctors, doctor satisfaction by specialtyFrom scientists talking about the effect of global warming on medicine to a new poll about how happy doctors are in their chosen specialty, March had a lot of medical news.

How Global Warming Affects Medicine

An influential group, the American Association for the Advancement of Science came together to launch a campaign on global warming and the effects it’s having on the environment and our health.  Their content talked about the ways global warming has already impacted healthcare and what we can expect in the future.

Alzheimer’s More Deadly Than First Thought

A study published in Neurology looked at the number of deaths associated with Alzheimer’s disease and declared it one of the top killers in the U.S.  Many Alzheimer’s patients die of other causes, such as pneumonia, but this study took those complications into account which drastically changed the numbers.

How Much Do Doctors Earn

Our infographic sparked a lot of debate inside Sermo as physicians took a fresh look at how much doctors earn.  The post compares the average income and the high cost of education, how much time off physicians take, and how many hours per week they work.  The numbers are eye-opening.

Picking Specialties: Would Doctors Pick the Same One Again?

Our most popular blog post of all time was reporting on a Sermo Physician Poll that asked doctors if they were happy with their specialty.  On average 74 percent of doctors are happy with their early career choice but there is big discrepancy between OB/GYNs (at the bottom) and orthopedics (at the top).

Medical Conspiracy Theories Persist

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine identified popular medical conspiracy theories on the internet and asked Americans if they believed them.  A majority of respondents had heard of at least one theory (such as vaccines cause autism) and a significant minority believed them to be true.  Read more about the theories and how many people gave them credence.

As a physician what recent ideas or research impacted your practice?  If you are an M.D. or D.O. please join our conversation inside Sermo.