Who is the stock image doctor?

Stock photo doctor

Sermo is all about real-world doctors, and the network provides a safe space to let physicians from around the world be genuine, allowing them to come exactly as they are, without expectations. Doctors share their day-to-day challenges, their fears, their wins, their losses – real people doing one of the toughest and most important jobs around.

Off of Sermo, however, there are many stereotypes about doctors; some are insulting, some are just plain silly. A common misconception of a doctor is perfectly captured in a “stock image doctor” – perfectly white smile, arms crossed, always well groomed and well rested, and most often dashingly handsome.

So what do real doctors think of stock image doctors? When confronted with an example of a stock image doctor, similar to the one pictured above, Sermo’s physicians responded:

“He’s probably exempt from MOC :)” – Psychiatry

“Patient: ‘You don’t look like you did on the website. I thought I would have a good looking doctor.’ Phone call to receptionist: ‘I would like to make an appointment with that good looking doctor wearing the red tie.’” – Neurology

“What’s his Press Ganey Score?” – Psychiatry

“He’s happy because he just became an administrator” – Ophthalmology

“He is the father of the kids whose picture comes in your newly purchased picture frame.” – Pathology

“Why do pretend docs always fold their arms?” – Psychiatry

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