Welcome to Sermo, and thank you, physicians!

Good afternoon, World, and welcome to the new Sermo Blog.  Our original plan to introduce ourselves was to showcase some of the amazing things that happen in the Sermo community, the world’s leading online community for physicians.  We were poised to launch with great fanfare, showcasing the collaborations, humor, caring and achievements of our physicians.  But given yesterday’s events just across the bridge from our Cambridge office, we find it only fitting that we take this opportunity to acknowledge the heroic actions taken by  doctors and other first responders.   The only thing we can think to start off with today is, “Thank you.”

The Boston Marathon, for those who don’t know, ends on Boylston street, nearly equi-distant to several hospitals that form the world’s largest hub of medical research and treatment, including Mass General Hospital, Boston Children’s, Brigham and Women’s, BU Medical Center, BIDMC and Tufts Medical Center. The Marathon is an elite international sporting event, but it is also an event of immense hometown pride and local celebration.  As such, many of the thousands of health care professionals who work in that area turned out to cheer their family members, friends and all other runners onto finish the race, not counting the many who, as believers for their respective causes, actually ran the race to fundraise for research in their  specialties.  As such, the streets were teeming with spectators and runners who also happened to be medical professionals; and like our military heroes in combat, they came running into the blast zones to help the victims, commandeering wheelchairs, blankets and first aid kits from the post-race tents, and tying tourniquets quickly to prep people for the EMS responders and transport to local emergency units.  Victims were marked for amputation on the scene.  Patients were inside emergency rooms within 15 minutes of the explosion. This phenomenal response started on the street.

Days like yesterday  remind all of us of what the world sees in doctors, what a medical community can accomplish together, and that despite differences of opinion, you are all part of a calling that warrants respectful and honorable interactions among you.  We are so very proud to host just such a community.  For yesterday’s great work and for the service of all our medical heroes who help make the world a better place, we thank you.

Welcome to Sermo.