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Doctors fear school reopenings will trigger Covid outbreak

As schools around the world are reopening, the debate over what is safe for our children rages on. In the U.S., there has been a 90% increase in the number of Covid-19 cases among children over the last four weeks.

Governments and physicians—much like parents and teachers—cannot agree on whether students should attend school in-person, at-home, or a hybrid of the two. Sermo physicians are just as split. In a poll of about 800, 33% of global Sermo physicians believe schools should reopen in communities where outbreaks are under control; another 33% believe a hybrid approach of in-person and at-home is the appropriate approach; 18% believe schools should not open until there is a vaccine, and 16% believe schools should reopen no matter what. However, 73% fear that allowing children to return to school will trigger new outbreaks. And 86% are concerned that even if children do return to school, it will be canceled due to new outbreaks or even a second wave. 


When asked about the recent dramatic increase in cases among children, 66% of Sermo physicians said it concerned them; while 70% said they’re concerned by the potential unknown long-term effects the virus may have on children.

The Sermo community has a lot to say on this topic. Here’s a sampling of their comments…