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Doctors support EU in barring countries with high infections

In a poll of about 500 global Sermo physicians, 71% said they support the EU’s plan to bar countries with high Covid-19 infection rates, as the EU begins to reopen borders on July 1. This response is in spite of the fact that 68% of Sermo physicians polled reside in one of the countries that may be barred. 

When asked why the U.S. is seeing an alarming spike of coronavirus cases, including the seven states that are experiencing new highs for hospitalizations—71% of physicians believe it is a combo of increased testing, the lift of stay-at-home restrictions, and young people who are not practicing social distancing. In regards to infection rates, 46% said they are personally seeing an increase in their own state or region, and 66% believe the global pandemic has not yet peaked. 

Here’s more of what Sermo physicians from around the globe are saying on this topic: