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Physicians split over safety of movie theaters

This past weekend, the first major international movie—the time-bending film, Tenet—was released globally…And millions of people went to see it. While the reopening of movie theaters and other entertainment outlets, such as bowling, are important for both the economy and a general sense of normalcy—there is wide debate over their safety. 

In a poll of about 300 global Sermo physicians, 51% said they support the opening of movie theaters, while 49% do not. Only 33% of physicians would consider going to a movie theater in the near future, and 32% would tell patients that theaters are safe. When asked about the risks, 66% said they fear the reopenings could trigger new outbreaks of the coronavirus. Right now, 54% responded that movie theaters are reopening in their regions. 

Here’s more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic—in their own words…