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We remember and give thanks to the 9/11 frontline doctors

“Being a physician/surgeon is a commitment to the public, even in the worst of circumstances…”

Sermo Physician

As the world remembers September 11th, we at Sermo give thanks to the frontline doctors who acted bravely that day and in the aftermath—risking their lives to save others. The frontline workers will always be remembered as heroes—much like the frontline workers during this pandemic. Sermo physicians respond with their own experiences and insights…

In a poll of 120+ global Sermo physicians, 63% said they see similarities in how frontline doctors stepped up, putting their lives at risk, on September 11th, and during the current global pandemic. When asked about the risk to doctors, 73% said risks for frontline workers were downplayed or underestimated on September 11th; while 63% believe the same is true for the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here is more of what Sermo physicians are saying today, on September 11th: