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Physicians fear new coronavirus outbreaks

Recently the CDC warned that a winter outbreak may be worse than the current pandemic—especially given that it would coincide with the flu. In a poll of 1,350+ Sermo physicians, 69% agreed with this warning.

When it comes to the hot topic of lifting stay-at-home restrictions, 72% fear this could also trigger another outbreak, though 75% believe it is possible to lift stay-at-home orders while maintaining some level of social distancing. Despite the fears of a future outbreak, 51% of Sermo physicians expressed that stay-at-home orders should be lifted in areas that have passed their peak of infection.

In addition to these worries, 61% of Sermo physicians are experiencing the painful dilemma about whether or not to join the front lines—according to a recent poll of 445 Sermo physicians. Many fear their lack of experience will prevent them from being effective in intensive care units; or the lack of protective equipment puts them at risk for spreading the disease—and this has caused guilt and anxiety. While 39% of those polled have joined the front lines, 42% have contributed to the fight using other skills and training, and 86% support the idea that physicians should find a role to serve that matches their training and abilities.

Like the rest of the world, physicians are working through anxieties, feelings of helplessness, and more. Here it is…In their own words: