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80% of Sermo doctors have been hit by wave 2 of COVID-19

A second wave of the coronavirus is raging across Europe, and multiple countries have implemented new rules and social distancing guidelines in an attempt to stop the spread—and in the hopes of avoiding a full lockdown that would hurt the economy and the upcoming holiday season.

In a poll of 675 global Sermo physicians, 80% say their region is currently experiencing wave two of the coronavirus; and 61% worry that wave two could be worse than wave one. 

When asked about social distancing rules and guidelines, 78% believe that Europe is doing the right thing by reimplementing measures aimed at stopping the spread. However, in response to a statement made by the Welsh health minister Vaughan Gething, who said the current consistent restrictions of shuttering all nonessential businesses in Wales will allow for a more normal Christmas season for businesses—Sermo doctors were split over whether they agreed. Fifty-four percent supported this strategy, and 46% did not. This is what Sermo physicians think when it comes to balancing health and safety with the economy:

  • 67% said we have to balance safety and social distancing guidelines, while continuing to allow businesses to flourish.
  • 26% said we have to stop the spread of Covid-19—even at the cost of the economy.
  • 7% said we have to limit regulations and prioritize the economy.

Here’s more of what Sermo physicians around the world are saying about wave two of Covid-19: