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The debate over sharing full medical records with patients

Forbes magazine reported on the results of a previous Sermo poll that asked the question, “Should patients have access to their entire medical record?” The response by over 2,300 physicians revealed at the time that two‒thirds (66%) were reluctant to share health data with their patients. While 17% were utterly opposed to it.

In a follow-up to this report, Sermo shared both sides of the argument and asked the question again. In a poll of about 400 global physicians this week, 48% responded that patients should not have access to their entire medical record. 

Sermo physicians in favor of record-sharing with patients believe that visibility can ultimately lead to a higher level of care. Those opposed to record-sharing, express fear that MD notes can be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Others share concern that the truth can be harmful and even dangerous without proper counseling. But there is also the risk that sharing digital health records can lead to data breaches…84% of physicians polled are concerned about major data breaches. Here’s what the doctors are saying—in their own words: