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Ukraine’s physicians and doctors are desperate for supplies

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Here at Sermo, we stand with all of Ukraine’s people, as they bravely fight for their country.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left doctors and hospitals struggling to save lives and treat patients, as vital medical supplies quickly run out. Hundreds of people have died so far, including children. According to the UN, more than 675,000 people have fled the Ukraine in less than a week.

The Independent reports, “Hospitals across Ukraine are ‘desperate’ for medical supplies, doctors have warned, as oxygen stores are hit and other vital health supplies run low amid bombardment from Russian forces.

UK-based Ukrainian doctors have issued an urgent appeal for donations of supplies as they travel to eastern Europe in response to reports of shortages of medical equipment and medicines.

The World Health Organisation warned on Sunday evening that oxygen supplies in Ukraine were ‘dangerously low’ as trucks were unable to transport oxygen supplies from plants to hospitals across the country.

Dr Volodymyr Suskyi, an intensive care doctor at Feofaniya Clinical Hospital in Kyiv, told The Independent he had been forced to use an emergency back-up system to supply oxygen to a patient on life support after the area near plant which supplies his hospital was bombed. He said medicines and other supplies such as bandages and gloves could run out within days…

He told The Independent: ‘What they need in the hospitals is portable ultrasound machines, portable x-ray machines because they have so many patients they much rather walk around the wards and do whatever diagnostic work rather than transporting patients. lviv is relatively well supplied because there are no Russians yet but the further east you go the more desperate the need are and some of them, such as hospitals in Kyiv, don’t have of all of the necessities rubber gloves bandages ect. The supply chains don’t work. The trouble is the aid isn’t getting through to places such as Kyiv…’

The UMAUK [Ukrainian Medical Association in United Kingdom] has published a list of ‘urgent’ medical aid required in Ukraine which the organisation can ship. It includes military-grade protective helmets for medics, gauze, bandages, haemostatic sponges, tourniquets, gloves and medicines.”

Medscape reports, “Nasogastric tubes. Foley catheter kits. Hydrogel anti-burn bandages and transfusion bags. Heparin, atropine, tramadol. These items are just a few of some two dozen critical medical supplies that physicians in Ukraine desperately need, according to Leo Wolansky, MD, a Ukrainian-American radiologist and president of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA).”

Below, Sermo physicians from around the world share their professional insights, perspectives, and opinions on this important topic—in their own words: 

“They need everything. Only fast international help can save many lives. We help our closest neighbor as much as we can. Together we stand, divided we’ll fall. We can save our world still.”

General Practitioner, Poland

Unite in prayer so that the war between these nations ceases, for peace. The whole world should interfere with the UN or other organizations so that this ends and innocent lives are not lost.”

General Practitioner, Venezuela

“Being a tactical medicine/disaster doc, I had adequate supply for myself and several other practitioners. We need a reliable way to get a transfusion of supplies to those in need!”

Family Medicine, U.S.

All essential medicines and basic life support systems should be supplied and supported [in] war places.”

General Practitioner, India

[Fo]od supplies which are a source of energy…Our hearts go out to all out there in Ukraine and other parts of the world who are experiencing such tough times.”

Orthopedic Surgery, Nigeria

“A monetary donation can help repair homes or infrastructure, such as water pumping stations, and provide educational and mental health services. The Red Cross also educates on how to avoid landmines and unexploded ordnance.”

General Practitioner, Venezuela

“With Sermo we can help by being spokespersons for information. Informing well about what is needed, about how to transport said supplies, and finding a way to get them to our Ukrainian brothers. Supplies such as: Medicines, Bandages, immobilizations, Injectors, Physiological Solutions, sterile gloves… The situation that Ukrainians are experiencing at the moment is unfortunate. And these Russian acts against their Sister Ukraine are greatly repudiated. Let’s pray for them.”

General Practitioner, Venezuela

“Infant and young child supplies always run out first!”

Pediatrics, U.S.

“Masks, we had a shortage of masks….everywhere.”

Rheumatology, US

“We can contribute money to organizations that are raising funds, as well as clothing, shoes, household items, personal hygiene products, baby food, medical supplies.”

Pediatrics, Venezuela

“There have been times during the pandemic, especially at the beginning, that I have needed personal protective equipment and prophylactic measures to avoid contagion.”

General Practitioner, Spain

“NATO allied countries and the US should find a way to send their own medical personnel and those from other countries that are willing to come to the aid of the Ukrainian Colleagues!”

Obstetrics & Gynecology, Venezuela

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