Today’s physician is online & social…are you?

The rise of social media usage among physicians

Social media engagement among physicians experienced a slow but steady climb over several years, but in 2019, the American Society of Clinical Oncology reported a dramatic increase in oncologists participating in social conversations.1 In 2020, as COVID-19 completely changed the way the world communicates, another substantial rise in the number of physicians engaging through social media occured, with a 74-point jump in unique logins on Sermo’s platform alone.

Social engagement has taken off…Physicians sharing their drug knowledge through Sermo’s Drug Rating platform increased by nearly 70% and participation in polls skyrocketed by almost 300%.

Evolving digital interactions are driving engagement

Given the need for social distancing (which curtailed in-person sales rep visits), medical conferences moving online and the rise of telemedicine, it’s no wonder physicians turned to social media. Sermo offers a wealth of information and opportunities to connect, collaborate and debate with their peers.

Companies have taken notice of the shift, and are following suit with their advertising dollars. In 2020, paid digital advertising and social media spends from pharmaceutical companies increased by 39% and 30%, respectively. As a result, while overall U.S. advertising spending dropped by 13% in 2020, healthcare spending remained relatively steady compared to previous years. 

Meeting our physicians’ needs through platform enhancements & partnerships

Part of the reason physicians engage with Sermo — and now, at much higher rates — is because our platform evolves to support them even as they socially distance. Sermo provides physicians with new and engaging programming on a daily basis. Unique offerings, such as our Headspace partnership that drives mindfulness and helps reduce stress and resources that raise awareness of physician burnout, have been established. Sermo is also committed to delivering educational third-party content to keep physicians up-to-date on the latest news and to provide a community forum for discussion.

The platform continues to grow, offering valuable medical news, continuing medical education, health observances, peer-to-peer education, a community of like-minded professionals and even light-hearted material — all content needed in the midst of the pandemic and beyond. Stay tuned to see how our platform will continue to evolve to meet the needs of physicians, our most important and valuable audience.

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Hello, we’re Sermo! We have one question for you…today’s physician is online & social…are you? This exclusive blog post is built to educate our readers on how to leverage social media to drive results for your business or brand.

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