Live Events drive physician awareness, interest & likelihood to recommend

Marketing, education, and awareness are key brand indicators and crucial factors for healthcare and pharma companies to keep their brands top of mind among their target audience. Since physicians are so busy managing patients—and their practice—it can be difficult and time-consuming to stay up to date on every new drug, product, or therapy.

In-person events previously offered HCPs (healthcare professionals) educational content to help them continue to practice at the top of their license by learning about new brands and products. COVID disrupted that process and drove these educational opportunities online. Even as in-person events return, the popularity of virtual events is not going away—82% of physicians still prefer the option of virtual events.1

Investing in an effective and proven digital strategy to educate physicians and break through the noise is a gamechanger for reaching and converting your target medical audience. Sermo offers a holistic platform to deliver physician engagement, insights, and now, host virtual Live Events.

Elevate your physician education strategy with Live Events

Physicians, like us, are spending more time online. However, it is a struggle to solicit engagement and accurately target HCPs on general social channels. Sermo is the world’s largest physician-only platform with +1.3M engaged HCPs eager to learn and discuss new topics in medicine.

Embedded in our platform, Live Events is an innovative new mechanism to deliver impactful and relevant content to the right audience at the right place. This solution allows companies to create a connection with their targets in a place HCPs already trust and look to for medical education.

More than a one-stop-shop for physicians, our software is designed to enable your team to easily engage with HCPs virtually—you bring the content, we’ll handle everything else. Sermo covers all pre- and post-event marketing, meaning all you need to do is show up on event day. This includes supporting on-demand viewing for a global audience and that fits into the demanding schedules of physicians.

Whether presenting live or using a pre-recorded video, we can help you customize your event to meet your needs (and your schedule!).

Countless opportunities to engage your ideal physician audience

  • KOL or panel discussion
  • Demo a product or procedure
  • Deliver CME content
  • Present new scientific data
  • Educate about a brand new therapeutic area
  • Solve a patient case live

Live Events power more impactful connections

More than just a turnkey solution, Live Events delivers results. See how one company was able to leverage Live Events to substantially raise physician awareness, interest, and likelihood to recommend their product through a custom RealTime study.

Success story: virtual software demonstration

Event Objective: Demo AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that allows clinicians to connect with patients, expand access to care, and reduce wait times.

Target: PCPs, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Urologists, and Nephrologists

Market: U.S.

Performance Highlights: 688 event views

RealTime Measurement Objective: Understand AI virtual assistant category & brand engagement including awareness, interest in purchasing, and likelihood to recommend among exposed (test) vs. non-exposed (control) physicians.

Methodology: 10-minute RealTime survey to test and control groups.

After surveying the control group (physicians that were not exposed to the campaign), and the test group (physicians that attended the sponsored Live Event), respondents confirmed that the webinar was highly effective at driving brand awareness and product category interest. The webinar was a positive experience for most participants, and additional participants are likely within reach.

  • Unaided awareness doubled (2.15x increase) after Live Event participation
  • Participants are more likely (1.85x) to have a high degree of product interest to use at current practice
  • Event participants are more likely (2.18x) to tell their peers about the product in the next 6 months

1 Sermo Physician Platform Poll, 2021: n=1694

On behalf of Sermo, thank you for checking out our blog post on Live Events. This is just one of the many examples of native engagement opportunities and insights available with RealTime surveys.

At Sermo, we turn physician experience, expertise and observations into actionable insights for the global healthcare community. Engaging with more than 1 million HCPs across 150 countries, we provide physicians with a social platform that fosters impactful peer-to-peer collaboration & discussions about issues that are important to them and their patients. Sermo offers on-demand access to physicians via a suite of proprietary technology to provide business intelligence that benefits pharmaceutical, healthcare partners and the medical community at large.

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