The challenges and triumphs of the independent practice

A major shift is slowly but surely taking place in healthcare, creating both challenges and opportunities. Patients are becoming healthcare consumers as high-deductible plans leave them responsible for larger bill portions. Google reviews make it easy to check out physician ratings before making appointments, and wearables generate real-time patient data that could be used for chronic disease and lifestyle management. Likewise, value-based care reimbursement model favors outcomes yet provides few incentives for physicians to proactively manage patient lifestyles. All the while, independent physicians need to provide patient care and attend to the health of their own practice. Technology can help or hinder.

Disparate health information technologies focusing on individual tasks – scheduling, clinical and billing – require significant staff time resources and often lead to duplication of efforts and fragmented customer service. On the other hand, automating and interconnecting these processes can help physicians avoid some of the mounting costs of doing business while being responsive to the needs of patients and payers.

Please join us @SERMO for an engaging Twitter chat about how technology can help independent physicians meet current challenges and thrive in their practice on April 2, 2019 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET, using the tag #SERMOchat. A Twitter chat is a live, public dialogue connected by a hashtag. We invite all physicians to log on and enjoy a spirited discussion and share their thought leadership with the public at large.

Here are the topics we will be discussing:

  • How have you adapted to connect with today’s consumer-oriented patients? How do you leverage technology tools to improve engagement? #SERMOchat
  • How can independent practice physicians leverage technology to achieve work-life balance? #SERMOchat
  • What technology is indispensable for independent physicians? #SERMOChat
  • What are your suggestions to help independent practices continue to meet challenges to thrive and grow? #SERMOChat

AdvancedMD (@advancedMD on Twitter) will be the first guest moderator of #SERMOchat, helping to guide the discussion. AdvancedMD is a cloud-based independent physician software solution. Raul Villar, Jr. (@RaulVillarJr), AdvancedMD’s CEO of eight years, will be joining us and providing his insights.

Hello, we’re Sermo! We appreciate you checking out our blog post, “The challenges and triumphs of the independent practice.” We know from our physician members that running an independent practice is no small feat, so we decided to take to Twitter for a live chat on how you can leverage tech to build your business. We hope to see you there!

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