The power of building a 1:1  relationship with your customers  over time on social 

Traditional in-person pharma outreach tactics, including sales reps and in-person events, are slowly but surely being replaced with digital alternatives. While digital is efficient, it may also feel more impersonal to your customers. Transferring the warm interactions you traditionally conducted to online channels is more important than ever to establish 1:1 relationships with your customers.  

But this takes time! 

Best practices to influence prescribing habits

Pharma execs & HCPs agree—digital is here to stay:

  • 84% of HCPs believe the content they are receiving is more relevant than before Covid
  • 82% of Pharma execs agree digitalization will likely continue post-Covid2 

Digital content, when optimized correctly, can break through and change HCP perceptions. Leverage Sermo’s best practices which include:

  • Personalization: establish a more familiar and lasting relationship with physicians—73% of physicians are more likely to engage with communication when it’s personalized3
  • Snackable content: short and sweet content that can be consumed on-demand performs best online—41% of physicians use digital sources of medical & professional information​ daily (49% weekly)3
  • KOL-led: 67% of physicians say Opinion Leaders have the most influence on clinical decisions vs. sales reps, MSLs, and field reimbursement specialists4
  • Frequency: digital is not a “one-and-done” channel for educating doctors. 75% of physicians say engaging with 3-6 pieces of educational content about a treatment is needed before feeling confident enough to prescribe it3

This balance of valuable, snackable content and 1:1 focus is the playbook all Pharma companies should be actioning against. But, with so many platforms, tactics, and content executions, what does “good” engagement look like in this evolving digital landscape? 

Let’s see how one brand’s campaign achieved a higher likelihood to prescribe and grant patient requests over the subsequent six months compared to the control group.

Physicians exposed to the campaign showed substantially higher rates of brand engagement 

Campaign objective ​ 

Manufacturer wanted to drive physicians’ knowledge of the efficacy and patient benefits of a pharmaceutical product​ 

Tactic leveraged​ 

Mix of tactics including: ​ 

  • Interactive Posts​ 
  • Image Ads​ 
  • Video Ads​ 
  • Direct Messages​ 
  • Poll​ 


11 months; each “mini-campaign” ran for 1-2 months​ 

Creative review: what made this ​campaign successful 

Series of “mini-campaigns” ran over the course of a year, each built around one key brand message & set of educational assets​.  

Example mini-campaign:​ 

What’s consistent What’s unique 
Core message: KOL discusses safety profile Headlines: Different benefits make each tactic unique 
Video: Leveraged across both tactics Post: Safety data reinforces video, creates an educational experience on platform 
Flight: Ran at the same time to the same audience Video ad: Links to so physicians can explore the full safety profile and other website information 

Campaign impact results​ 

Campaign summary

Harnessing strategies that create “sticky” messaging through tactics like video content, KOL discussions, and purposeful 1:1 connections can increase prescribing habits among your target HCP audience. Reorganize your content calendar to include more serialized campaigns and begin optimizing your market outreach and engagement today!


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