90% of Sermo Physicians Say Their Job Has Been Affected by the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused irreversible change in the world. Physicians are among the many who have scrambled to readjust and find a new norm. In a poll of 2,000+ global Sermo physicians, 90% said their job has been affected—and 60% say it’s been a negative effect. Of the many ways their job has changed, 39% report they’ve adopted telemedicine, and 27% say they are now splitting their appointments 50/50 between telemedicine and in-person visits. 

In a similar poll of about 350 physicians, 74% say their opinion of telemedicine has changed; and 76% plan to continue using telemedicine in the future, regardless of the pandemic. 

Will you continue to incorporate telemedicine for appropriate appointments in the future, regardless of the state of the pandemic?


While 79% of Sermo physicians have resumed in-person appointments, and 93% have adopted precautionary measures, such as mask-wearing, frequent sanitizing, and 6-foot distancing in the office—61% of physicians still feel anxious about the exposure they face when seeing patients in person. Here’s more of what Sermo doctors are saying on this topic: