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Insightful, dynamic, exhausting…What defines doctor?

We all have our preconceived notions of what it must be like to be a doctor, but on Sermo we get to hear the truth from physicians themselves! Doctors on Sermo recently were asked to describe what it was like to be a doctor in one word… an admittedly difficult task!

Hundreds of doctors responded with both positive and negative words, but these are some that stood out to us the most:


“Dynamic.”  – Family Medicine

“Exhausting.”  – Family Medicine

“NEGATIVE VERSION:  Med school: overwhelming. Residency: exhausting. Practice: disappointing. POSITIVE VERSION: med school: fascinating. Residency: privilege. Practice: Rewarding.” –  Pediatrics 

Tired.”Family Medicine

“Rewarding.”General Surgery

“WORK.”  – Anesthesiology


“Gratifying.”Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


Rachmunus. (Yiddish for empathy, but so much more).” – Pediatrics 


“Blessing.” –  General Surgery 


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